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Two Locations

Detroit, MI   Map

Bangkok Crossing Thai Food in Detroit, MI
620 Woodward Avenue  
Phone: (313) 961-3861

Lake Orion, MI   Map

Bangkok Crossing Thai Food in Lake Orion, MI
193 Northpark Blvd  
Phone: (248) 693-5528

Bangkok Crossing - SeaFood

Pla jiew

F1. Pla Tod

Fried fish topped with mushroom, onion, carrot in garlic sauce. Cat Fish, $11.95 -or- Red Snapper $13.95

F2. Pla jiew

Fried fish topped with shredded pork, shrimp, mushroom, ginger, and onion. Cat Fish,$14.95 -or- Red Snapper $16.95

F3. Pla Lad Prik

Fried fish topped with bell pepper in garlic sauce. Cat Fish, $11.95 -or- Red Snapper $13.95

Pla Dook Pad Ped

F4. Choo Chee Pla

Fried fish with bell pepper in coconut milk curry sauce. Cat Fish,$11.95 -or- Red Snapper $13.95

F5. Pla Dook Pad Ped

Fried fish Stir-fried with mushroom, bell pepper, and eggplant in curry sauce. Cat Fish, $11.95 -or- Red Snapper $13.95

F6. Pad Taray

Scallops & shrimps Stir-fried with bamboo shoot, bell pepper and mushroom in curry sauce. Lunch, 7.95 -or- Dinner $11.95

Bangkok Seafood Combo

F7. Pad Pao Tak

Combination of shrimps, scallops, and imitation crabmeat Stir-fried with peapod, water chestnut, bamboo shoot, and bell pepper. Lunch, 7.95 -or- Dinner $11.95

F8. Bangkok Seafood Combo

Fish, squid, shrimp, scallop, and imitation crabmeat stir-fried with mixed vegetable and bean thread.   $16.95

Detroit, MI (313) 961-3861  Map

Lake Orion, MI (248) 693-5528  Map

Open Monday - Saturday for dine-in or carry out.